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“It’s an incredible experience to see Luke’s performances in person. His music and stories help people to break away from their day-to-day struggles, inspiring a sense of transcendence that is truly unifying. You leave different than when you entered – feeling lighter and more connected with others.” - Ian Rafalak, Philadelphia-based composer and musician


Luke Slott’s largely acoustic style infuses pop, folk, rock, and at times, soul, resulting in music that uplifts audiences, allowing them to transcend the worries of the world, if only for that moment.


Luke’s path as a musician was forged in youth, influenced by his mother, an Irish-American actress who graced the stage with the likes of Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson; his father, a renowned jazz trumpet player; and his brother, an electronic music producer. After being gifted with a trumpet by his father at age 12, his aptitude for music took root and he swiftly transformed into a multi-instrumentalist, picking up guitar, traditional Irish bouzouki, and taking classical piano training at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


After frontlining the alternative rock band Melaton in his late teenage years, a different genre of music took hold of him as  his faith began to take shape. Inspired by his elder brother’s transformation through the teachings of the Bahá’í faith, Luke studied readings from its spiritual teacher and founder, Bahá’u’lláh, and felt truth in its embrace of the unity of all religions, the oneness of humanity, equality of men and women, and the need for harmony between religion and science. His faith gave him strength when his father passed away after a long struggle with alcoholism, providing healing and closure for Luke.


The spiritual words that first spoke to Luke have since helped him carve out a path as an independent recording artist. His first album, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, a collection of original compositions for piano, continues to gather acclaim. This album and his second collection of piano works, The Home of Laughter, inspired a series of spellbinding street piano performances that delighted onlookers in Dublin’s shopping district. His fresh approach to music melds his spiritual interests with a whimsical and at times ethereal style that transports listeners. His latest album, Year of the Nightingale, brings the words of Bahá’u’lláh to life in an immersive kaleidoscope of color and sound produced by Kelly Snook, a NASA engineer turned music producer.


Luke’s timeless music is an answer to this age of strife and anxiety in the world, weaving in threads of grace, hope, and splendor, and inspiring audiences around the world. 



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